IWCF DRILLING WELL CONTROL (Level 3 & 4, Surface & Subsea BOP Stack)

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    Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
    PVD Training would like to announce upcoming schedule of IWCF Well Control Training Program in 2017 with center approved number VN911. Among the IWCF accredited centers worldwide, PVD Training has helped improve the competence of personnel involved in well operations to prevent future major oil spill incidents.

    Course aim
    • The ultimate goal of every petroleum operation is always to deliver the jobs in a safe and efficient manner with minimum effects to both the crew and the environment. Therefore, as the most important concept in drilling operations, proper control of the wells is considered critical that can lead to grave consequences as damages and loss of both human and physical resources.
    • The importance of thorough knowledge about well control thus promotes the significance of well control training, which is designed for the drilling crew to acquire from fundamental to advanced understanding of well control that can be applied at most well operations in surface and subsea installations.
    Recommended for:
    Level 3
    • Any role that is expected to shut-in a well (A Level 2 course should be successfully completed prior to taking a Level 3 course)
    Level 4
    • Recommended in addition to content covered in Level 3 training, wellsite supervisory and office-based personnel that are primarily involved with the well design and operational decision making process. Also those involved with potential well kill methodology should be trained to this high level
    • Course duration:04 training days & 01 examination day
    • Course information:
    • Trainer: IWCF-certified instructor/assessor
    • Certification: Certified by PVD Training, accredited by IWCF
    • Training location: at PVD Training
    • Dong Xuyen IZ, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, Vietnam.
    Tel: (+84-254) 3612 099 Ext 212
    Mob: (+84-254) 3615 399


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